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Below you will find a list of websites that you can work on at home.


Dave's ESL Cafe

Linguistic Funland

ESL Hotlist

Interesting things for ESL students

**The English Zone**

**English Club**

**English at Home**

Agenda Web

**Quizzes and Games**

**Everyday English**

Five Minute English

English Media Lab

ESOL Courses

**Online English Grammar**

**Guide to Grammar and Writing**

**Grammar Quizzes** (from the Internet TESOL Journal)
**ELC Study Zone**

**English Club English Grammar**

**About.com English as a 2nd Language Grammar Reference**

**English Learner**

Better at English

Skillswise - English and Maths for Adults

Plural Fishing

**Preposition Game**

Preposition Audio Game

A Guide to Learning English

Learning English Online

ESL Grammar Quizzes

Basic Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses

Agenda Web

Learn American English Online

ESL Interactive Games

English Grammar Lessons

Grammar Bytes


**Listening Lab**

**English Media Lab**

Listening Exercises

English Language Listening Lab Online

Life Skills Listening

**Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab**

**National Public Radio**

**The English Listening Lounge**

**Young and Old Favorites** (American Music with Lyrics from NIEHS)

**Voice of America Special English**

**The Bob and Rob Show** (podcast discussion and variety show on culture, language, vocabulary)
**Easy Online RSS Reader for ESL/EFL Podcasts**

**English as a Second Language Podcast**


5 Minute English

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises with Movie Clips

ESOL Courses

Listening Activities

Agenda Web


**Vocabulary Can be Fun**

Beginning ESL Vocabulary

**BBC World Service Words in the News**

**Vocabulary in the News**

**ESL Slang Page**

**Self-Study Vocabulary Quizzes**

**Building A Better Vocabulary Tutorial (advanced)**

**Idiom Site** (a list of idioms and definitions)

**Idiom Connection**

**Dictionary of Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions**

Cambridge English

ESL Gold

Internationl House Bristol

English Vocabulary Exercises

ESOL courses


ESL Games - Crossword puzzles


ESL Gold

Easy Conversations for ESL Beginners

Speaking Practice Online for English Learners

**Practice Conversations** (vocabulary and expressions for the doctor's office)
Presentations and Public Speaking in English (texts and recordings for speaking practice)
Talk English
Spoken Skills


ESL Tower

**English Pronunciation from Okanagan University College**

**ELEaston Pronunciation**

American English Pronunciation Practice

Ship or Sheep: Minimal Pair Practice

Perfect Pronunciaton Exercises

Train Your Accent